episode 11: Techtonic Funk Brigade w Justin Johnson – 1-18-13

Recorded live on NSB Radio on January 18, 2013.

1. Best Around! (Original Mix) By Gustolabs

2. Time To Get Loose Feat. Bigstuff & Think Tank (Keith Mackenzie & Dj Fixx Remix) By All Good Funk Alliance

3. What\’s The Deal (Bad Tempo Remix) By Beatsmack

4. Body Movin – Breaks Mix 1-18-13 By Dj Justin Johnson

5. This Will Make You Jump Feat. Chickaboo (Dj Love Remix) By Myagi

6. Fuck U Kid Panel Remix By Kuplay

7. Phantasmagoric Original Mix By The Brainkiller

8. Ghost Of Jupiter (Original Mix) By Paranoid Androidz

9. Expand [Original Mix] By Strange Rollers

10. Tribal Identity (Original Mix) By Thec4

11. Massive Dynamic (Original Mix) By Ufo Project

12. Insane Trip (Original Mix) By 5h55

13. Weird Day (Guau Remix) By Destroyers

14. Ganjaman (Deeklines Swagger Jackin Vip Mix Feat. Rubi Dan) By Freefall Collective

15. Dynamic (Original Mix) By Geon

16. Tour Of Duty (Baobinga Remix) By D\’State, Vinyl Junkie

17. Liquid Nonsense (Original) By Goojah

18. Forever (Madcaps J-Tek Remix) By Phuture Assassin

19. Carbon (Original Mix) By Mshcode

20. Electro Rays (Dom Almond Remix) By Vinyl Junkie

21. Jam In The Jungle- (Parker Remix) By Basement Freaks

22. Answer (Toronto Is Broken Remix) By Kondrashov

23. Fire By Actual Phantom

24. Defy (Afghan Headspin Mix) By Rennie Pilgrem

25. Reanimator (Phntm Remix) By Rennie Pilgrem

26. The Holy Ghost (Wascal Remix) By Vandal


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