podcast episode 41 with Justin Johnson

episode 41 with Justin Johnson


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1. Chicken Paw \”The Game\” (Beat By Brain)
2. The Bass Droppers \”My DJ\” (Booty Trax)
3. DJ Justin Johnson \”Galactic Defender\” (Barey Legal Records)
4. BeatsMe \”BassFace\” (Beat By Brain)
5. Jim Funk & Ethney \”Bass Bumpin\” (Gigabeat)
6. Bradley Drop \”My Love\” (Rocksteady Records)
7. United States Beat Squad \”Break It Down\” (Therabeat Records)
8. DJ30A & Huda Hudia \”More Crunk!\” (Kaleidoscope)
9. B-Phreak & Bradley Drop \”Bad MF\” (DogEatDog Records)
10. Digital Base \”Can a Man Get a Drink\” (Distorsion Records)
11. Mutantbreakz \”Talk About It\” (Distorsion Records)
12. The Bass Droppers \”Lotus Orb\” (Booty Trax)
13. Paul Bassrock \”Artz of Noize\” (Bassrock Records)
14. DJ Goku \”Seven Birds (Shade K Remix)\” (Space Pizza Records)
15. B-Phreak & Philly Blunt \”Execute the Plan\” (Rump Shaker Records)
16. NeurozIZ & G$Montana \’Southern Blues (Slip187 Remix)
17. DJ Fixx \”So Tight\” (Ravesta Records)
18. Huda Hudia \”You Need Your Medication\” (Kaleidoscope)
19. Plump DJs \”Big Apple\” (Punks Music)
20. Bradley Drop \”Just a Beat\” (Rocksteady Records)

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