Episode #44 live (Breaks show)

Breaks show for this podcast episode, plus two book recommendations.

TTFBP044 – BREAKS show
Track Listing

  1. “The Beat” by Christian Martin, Lenny Kiser (Trippy Ass Technologies)
  2. “Pecular (John Selway Remix)” by John Selway, Nematic (Tronic)
  3. “Take Control (Electro Mix)” by Ondamike (Ravesta Records)
  4. “Speaker Blow (Original Mix)” by DJ Fixx, Huda Hudia (Kaleidoscope Music)
  5. “321 Jump! (Original Mix)” by Huda Hudia (Kaleidoscope Music)
  6. “Florida’s Most Wanted (Original Mix)” by DJ30A (Kaleidoscope Music)
  7. “The Magic (Original Mix)” by Alex Wicked, TheBeatStops (Diesel Recordings)
  8. “Electro Ave (Electric Remix)” by Ondamike, Dial uP (Ravesta Records)
  9. “Funk Out” (Original Mix) by Slip187, RØX (Gigabeat Records)
  10. “Aggressive Boot (Original Mix)” by Deibeat (Toast & Jam Recordings)
  11. “Wannabe (Original Mix)” by K-Deejays (SPACE PIZZA Records)
  12. “Bad Step (Original Mix)” by Bad Legs (SPACE PIZZA Records)
  13. “Bounce U (Original Mix)” by Ondamike (Total Damage Records)
  14. “Ride That (Original Mix)” by Macho (Diablo Loco)
  15. “Up On The Cloud (Original Mix)” by MotivBreaks (Diablo Loco)
  16. “Like a Drum (Original Mix)” by Not The Father (Tons & Tons)


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