Episode #14: Recorded live on NSB Radio on March 1, 2013





Go Go Bananas (Arcadion Remix)By All Good Funk Alliance 1
People Switch All RoundBy Tosses & Varvez 2
Humus (Original Mix) By Timewarp Inc. 3
ImaginationBy Morlack 4
DownBy Zenit Incompatible 5
Start With an A (Original Mix)By Timewarp Inc. 6
Set It OffBy Jazz K 14 7
IRock (The Brainkiller Remix)By Viro & Rob Analyze, Basehead 8
Whats The Deal (Original Mix)By Beatsmack 9
Pulse (Kid Panel Remix)By Blazer 10
Sally\’s Revenge (Original Mix)By The Gulf Gate Project 11
Satisfaction (Wardian Remix)By The Brainkiller 12
Creation (Kid Panel Remix)By Mutantbreakz 13
Roll The Drums (Original Mix)By B Phreak 14
Beats in my trunk (Mafia Kiss remix)By Bella 15
Sleaze (Original Mix)By B Phreak 16
Down That Beat (Original Mix)By DISASTER BEATS 17
All That Scratch (Funky Remix)By DJ-33 18
23 (Original Mix)By Mata 19
Dynamic (Colombo Remix)By Geon 20
Subtronic (feat. Deenk) (Original Mix)By Geon, Deenk 21
Funky Beats MSTR01By DJ Justin Johsnon 22
N.O.W. (Original Mix)By Guau 23
Dub Nurse feat Gregory IsaacsBy King Yoof & Jacky Murda 24
Back 2 Hackney (Jay Cunning & Toronto Is Broken remix)By King Yoof 25
Get Ya Hands Up (feat Angie Brown – Jungle VIP mix)By Black & White 26
Le Brocqout (601 remix)By Schema 27

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episode 11: Techtonic Funk Brigade w Justin Johnson – 1-18-13

Recorded live on NSB Radio on January 18, 2013.

1. Best Around! (Original Mix) By Gustolabs

2. Time To Get Loose Feat. Bigstuff & Think Tank (Keith Mackenzie & Dj Fixx Remix) By All Good Funk Alliance

3. What\’s The Deal (Bad Tempo Remix) By Beatsmack

4. Body Movin – Breaks Mix 1-18-13 By Dj Justin Johnson

5. This Will Make You Jump Feat. Chickaboo (Dj Love Remix) By Myagi

6. Fuck U Kid Panel Remix By Kuplay

7. Phantasmagoric Original Mix By The Brainkiller

8. Ghost Of Jupiter (Original Mix) By Paranoid Androidz

9. Expand [Original Mix] By Strange Rollers

10. Tribal Identity (Original Mix) By Thec4

11. Massive Dynamic (Original Mix) By Ufo Project

12. Insane Trip (Original Mix) By 5h55

13. Weird Day (Guau Remix) By Destroyers

14. Ganjaman (Deeklines Swagger Jackin Vip Mix Feat. Rubi Dan) By Freefall Collective

15. Dynamic (Original Mix) By Geon

16. Tour Of Duty (Baobinga Remix) By D\’State, Vinyl Junkie

17. Liquid Nonsense (Original) By Goojah

18. Forever (Madcaps J-Tek Remix) By Phuture Assassin

19. Carbon (Original Mix) By Mshcode

20. Electro Rays (Dom Almond Remix) By Vinyl Junkie

21. Jam In The Jungle- (Parker Remix) By Basement Freaks

22. Answer (Toronto Is Broken Remix) By Kondrashov

23. Fire By Actual Phantom

24. Defy (Afghan Headspin Mix) By Rennie Pilgrem

25. Reanimator (Phntm Remix) By Rennie Pilgrem

26. The Holy Ghost (Wascal Remix) By Vandal


Episode 9: Techtonic Funk Brigade with DJ Justin Johnson – 12-14-12

Techtonic Funk Brigade :: episode #9 Dec. 14, 2012 :: Live on NSB Radio

1. BadboE \”Sweet Games (Original Mix)\”
2. De La Soul \”Sat a dub (Groove Motion Remix)\”
3. Stex \”Funky Centaury (Alpha2 Mix)\”
4. Jayl Funk \”Get Into It\”
5. Actual Phantom \”Remember Me\”
6. Michael Devellis, BadboE \”Work It Out Feat. Michael DeVellis (Original Mix)\”
7. B-Phreak \”Watch Dis\”
8. TomFoolery & Lo IQ \”Nothing Left (Original Mix)\”
9. Lethalness \”Freeze\”
10. Robosapiens \”Come On\”
11. Dom Almond \”Shut It and Dance\”
12. Commandbass \”ArabicBreak\”
13. Terry Hooligan & Roby Howler \”Groove Loft (601 remix)\”
14. Rekurve \”Get Busy\”
15. King Yoof vs DJ Gold \”Tik a Tok\”
16. Rekurve \”Don\’t Come Around\”
17. Strange Rollers \”Dark Love (2012 Refix)\”
18. Vinyl Junkie \”Slamdunk\”
19. Rekurve \”Time To Say Peace\”
20. Double Oh No \”Spellbroke (Kanji Kinetic Remix)\”
21. Knightfreak \”Rave Safe\”
22. Jinx In Dub feat. Mikey Don \”Shaka Sonics (King Yoof Remix)\”
23. Wizard \”Soundboy Killa (feat Daddy Freddy)\”



Episode 10: Techtonic Funk Brigade w/ DJ Justin Johnson 1-4-13

Recorded Live on NSB Radio on January 4, 2013.

    1    Switchback (Original Mix) By Jpod The Beat Chef
    2    Vibes Alive (Midtempo Mix) By Shamik, Jpod
    3    The Law Is Wrong (All Good Funk Alliance Remix) By Malente
    4    I Sell Marihuana (Dr. Rubberfunk Sitar Boogie Remix) By Malente
    5    Keep On Rocking (Original Mix) By Fisso & Spark
    6    I See The Future (Original Mix) By Agent K
    7    Creeping (Ed Solo & Krafty Kuts Remix) By Deekline & Tim Healey
    8    Fire (Only Jack Jones Remix) By J Cawte
    9    Pipano (Farace Remix) By Jibberdee
    10    Funky Bass Original Mix By K4dj
    11    Man Or Machine (Original Mix) By Optobot
    12    Give It (Original Mix) By Dyp & Rekab
    13    Lookalike (Original Mix) By Felixtheredcat
    14    Rockin\’ (Original Mix) By Beatsmack
    15    Hater Of Haters (Kwerk Remix) By Botbass
    16    The Understanding (Beta Remix) By Kraymon
    17    Wind It Back (Original) By Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes
    18    Renegade (Original Mix) By Freefall Collective
    19    Party Non Stop (Original Mix) By Kid Panel
    20    The Flow Is Fat (Original Mix) By Ufo Project
    21    Break The Chain (Feat. Jamie Lin) Feat. Jamie Lin (Loomer Remix) By Basehead
    22    Music Moves Me (Journeyman Vs Barrcode Remix) By Darren Diamond
    23    Ghost Hunters (Original Mix) By Clubsonica
    24    Blackberry Sucks (Original Mix) By Kuplay
    25    Big Bad Sound (Original Mix) By Radiokillaz


Episode 8: Techtonic Funk Brigade w/ DJ Justin Johnson Dec. 7, 2012 with guest DJ Erin Paul


Erin Paul\’s special ingredients (hour 1):
1. Rockit – Herbie Hancock
2. The Future Is Now – GRiZ
3. Blaque Ghost – Buzzfiend
4. Crowd Murder – Stickybuds
5. Better Get Lifted – Soulbass
6. Rob Resurrected – DJ Moneyshot
7. Going Going Gone (feat C Reid) – Featurecast
8. Shabop Shalom (Spark Arrester Remix) – Devendra Banhart
9. Need To Know (Blunt Instrument remix) – K Lab Sacha Vee
10. Get Down – Rackabeat & Bar Low
11. Back In The Hood ft. Nynfus Corporation (Original Mix) – Lewd Behavior & Heavy Send vs. Beatsmith
12. Bass Revolution – DJ Grotesque
13. Merry Go Round – Pimpsoul & Neon Steve
14. Live on Arrival – GRiZ
15. All Right Now Warriors – Pecoe
16. Feeling Good (Nappy Riddem remix) – Mooqee Pimpsoul feat Bianca Gerald
17. Back To The Old Jack – Freerange DJs
18. The Chit Chats – Mr No Hands
19. Shake \’Em Up – Krafty Kuts & Featurecast
20. Sad & Lonely (DJ Shadow) – MAT THE ALIEN Remix
21. Eyes For You Remix – The Flamingos / Suplex

Justin\’s mix (hour 2)
full track list with buy links and preview clips here at beatsme.fm
1. Turntable Actor Chloroform \”Electric City\”
2. Kraftwerk \”Radioactivity (Freakazoid Rerbu)\”
3. Paimon, Place 2b \”Full\”
4. UFO Project \”Take Me to the Top (Beta Remix)\”
5. Kwerk \”A Little Twisted\”
6. M.E.L.T. \”Dirty Sex (Detach Remix)\”
7. Kyla, Deenk \”Funk Shit (RuN RiOT Remix)\”
8. Deekline \”JZ in Paris\”
9. DJ Hook \”Bad Reaction (breakmassive Remix)\”
10. Geon \”Sonorous (Colombo Remix)\”
11. Deformaty \”Starship\”
12.Strange Roller \”Music 4 the Soul\”
13. Lucas \”Undecided Mission\”